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 Their were strange cats at the top of the mountain. They all white fur. ALL of them did. But, you could tell them apart 'cause they had weird parts of their fur that were different colors. I guess that's why the made me go alone, seeing how i'm the only white cat with weird patches of fur. They told me that their leaders- yes, they have two leaders- had powers. That one could make anything he wanted, turn to snow and ice.And the other could turn anything she wanted into water or fire. They seem powerful. Why havn't you met them? Is what you're probably wondering. Well, they have to gain their trust. And once i do, I'll tell you all about it.And remember why the clan sent me here? To spy. I must find out exactly how powerful theyare, and then detroy them. But, i don't know how hard it'll be. I mean, their really nice, but what if i get too close to them? I hope the clan's well. I hope your well, Sea.

   Feather rights in the grass. The mutters a small spell under her breath, and the words disapear, hopefully back to her clan. Sh emissed her clan....sure, it was a small clan. But she loved the clan...with all her hearts...

  Sea sighs, "I miss you, Feather, my sister. Why did we have to go adventure up the mountain? Why did we have to stumble upon the weird cats? Why, why, why?! Why didn't the clan send Fetaher and Sea? All of a sudden the ground below her forms words. "Feather.." She whispers. She quickly reads the note, "Ah...That's why." Sea whispers, then takesout one of her claws. Sea walks up to a tree, and marks a small note into it.

Feather, dearest sister, I miss you so much. How are the white cats? nd do the leaders really have powers? Do they have enimies? ARe they like the rest of us? Are they evil? Do they hunt the same prey?

  Sea whispers the small spell,and watches the words disapear. Alls he could do now, was wait. Wait for the next note from her big sister.
YESSS i love this. Idk why. The leaders
~Spoilers~ Really do have powers XP and the reason why Feather is the onlywhite cat with strange markings is 'cause she's the leader's parents :O Sea's jsut her half-sister. ~Endof spoiler~
The next chapter's gonna be Feather's past ^-^
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March 22, 2013
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